CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER OF JACK REACHER BOOKS: If you’re looking to read the Reacher books in chronological order, start with The Enemy. The series was created by Lee Child with his debut novel The Killing Floor. Why Read the Lee Child Jack Reacher Books in Order? See the complete Jack Reacher Chronological Order series book list in order, box sets or omnibus editions, and companion titles. Looking for a list of Jack Reacher books in order? While some readers may want to read the Jack Reacher books in order, you definitely don’t have to go that route! The short stories have Second Son(Reacher is 13) and High Heat(Reacher is 16).After that, all books would … All in all, there were 5 books in the Hunt for Jack Reacher series and the last one was Jack In the Green. Good news. Here are the top ten best Jack Reacher books, according to Goodreads user ratings! This really allows you to see Lee Child’s progression as a writer. Books Reading Order does not accept free books from authors or publishers in exchange for reviews. You have 3 choices when choosing the reading order for Lee Child’s series of Jack Reacher books: By Publishing Date In Chronological Order … Continue reading → Any books listed or reviewed on this site have been purchased by the website owner. To read the books in the proper chronological order, starting from a young Jack Reacher of age 13 until today, follow the order below. Jack Reacher Chronological Order Series 25 primary works • 36 total works Not the order of release, but the Reacher books and stories chronologically, from his youth to his adulthood. If you have only read one or two Jack Reacher novels so far and you’re hooked and you’re here to figure out how to read the rest, this list will help. To date Child has published over twenty Jack Reacher books in the series. This fictional character has won the hearts of millions of people all across the globe with his superhuman-yet-believable qualities and his advanced fighting skills and military intelligence. Here you'll find information on the Reacher novels and short stories, non-Reacher short stories, two international movies and a tv series, too. It makes it a bit tricky for keeping track of which Jack Reacher books you’ve read, but Lee Child wrote them in such a way that each stories exists on it’s own. There are no loose ties left at the end of a novel. After collecting each and every Jack Reacher books tirelessly over the years one by one from the mountainous book piles of used bookstores, and after always hearing this or that about the all powerful Jack Reacher, yesterday I finally finished reading this first book from Lee Child. Second Son (Jack Reacher #0.5), 2011 (Jack is 13-years old) High Heat (Jack Reacher #0.6), 2013 (Jack is … Don’t Care About The Reading Order For Jack Reacher Books? If you have read ALL of them (like I have), then you can join the 100% club here. That’s ok! Born in the Midlands - an area in the middle of England, hence the name - author Lee Child, the creator of the Jack Reacher … Lee has delighted fans for decades from the very first Jack Reacher book - Killing Floor. This really allows you to see Lee Child’s progression as a writer. Wherever he is at the moment, Jack solves the case, saves the needy and terminates the threat – and then moves on to another part of the country he wants to visit.

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