The Western Bluebird is the least migratory of the bluebirds, and much of its migration is altitudinal rather than latitudinal. Ann 27-Feb-2016 21:38: A bird I and my daughter-in-law saw in a small tree in front of where we were sitting I would like to name as neither of us had heard/seen such a bird. Also only wild bird photos. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Fox Sparrow More Water Birds Pileated Woodpecker Golden-crowned Sparrow American Bittern Purple Martin House Finch Blue-winged Teal Red-breasted Sapsucker House Sparrow (non-native) Canvasback Rufous Hummingbird (summer) Mourning Dove Cinnamon Teal Birds of Prey Solitary Vireo Northern Flicker Common Goldeneye American Kestrel Swainson’s Thrush Bird pictures Eastern Washington » Birds of Eastern Washington » Eastern Washington birding locations » Eastern Washington animals and plants » Eastern Washington wildlife areas, refuges and parks. The photos range from whales and seabirds, to common backyard birds, to creatures of the arid Columbia Basin. In eastern Washington, most birds migrate south in the fall to locations throughout the southwestern United States and central Mexico. Miscellaneous pictures of perching birds, songbirds, game birds, waterfowl, and resident or migratory birds that frequent Eastern Washington. West banner . If you can include the birds name and place where it was taken please do. This group is about the wide varietys of birds found in Washington and sharing them with everyone.Please only photos of birds from Washington or places close to the washington state border where the bird life is basically the same. Birds of Prey Images Pictures, List of Birds of Prey - Nature Images - NaturePhoto See pictures of raptors or birds of prey (including eagles, falcons, hawks, and more) in this birds photo gallery from National Geographic. Over 200 photos of birds and mammals (including 194 species of birds, and over 20 other animals) taken around the Pacific Northwest. See the different types of birds of prey, a library consisting of individual pictures and a summary of some of the North American birds of prey, native to the continent or have shown up as a vagrant at one time or another. East banner. Central banner. Birds of Prey include; the condor, eagles, falcons, harrier, hawks, osprey, shrikes, vultures and more. Pages in category "Native birds of the Southeastern United States" The following 50 pages are in this category, out of 50 total.

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