However, most of the other tracks and interludes didn’t do anything for me. Flume is a pioneering electronic producer, admired for exploring and melding complex sounds and making them sound like they've always existed. Flume | Hi This Is Flume Touring It’s awesome that Flume is using new techniques and sounds in his music, but personally, I didn’t like that. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. His mixtape premiered on YouTube only a day after via a livestream. Going on a musical hiatus in 2017, after releasing his ARIA chart topping LP, Skin, the Australian producer had left fans wondering what was next. Flume opens up about his new mixtape and the pressures of success in a new interview with GQ Australia. * In the visualizer, his car is his skin and he eventually sheds his skin and frees himself from the process of creation. Flume opens up about his new mixtape and the pressures of success in a new interview with GQ Australia. Original lyrics of Hi This Is Flume song by Flume. The Grammy Award-winning producer blew up with this self-titled debut album and only continued to skyrocket with his second studio album, Skin. Also, Ecdysis is *the process of shedding the old skin. “Hi This is Flume” is definitely an album that electronic and house fans will want to listen to, and make their personal opinions on it. The Grammy Award-winning producer blew up with EDM News Cynical listeners might see it as trend-hopping, but there's a boldness to Streten's production that gives it … Hi This Is Flume is Streten's attempt to position himself as someone who can work with hot rappers and respected electronic music producers alike. Three takeaways from Flume's returning mixtape, Hi This Is Flume In his first major release since his 2017 Skin Companion EPs, the electronic juggernaut teams up with JPEGMAFIA, SOPHIE and more. Hi This Is Flume flows for 38 minutes with each song blending into the one before it, transcending the often jumbled structure of traditional hip-hop mixtapes. The Meaning of "Hi This is Flume" Okay, so Flume's mixtape "Hi This is Flume" is named that because his mixtape is what he truly is. While in town to play an exclusive Louis Vuitton party, Flume sat down with GQ Australia and opened up about the process behind Hi, this is Flume. Explain your version of song meaning, find more of Flume lyrics. Flume Hi This is Flume 2019 Spotify Flume is one of those artists who is quiet until He isn't. From the album’s straightforward album title, to the 48 hour warning of its release, he is unconcerned by the noise that surrounds him. Flume, a.k.a Harely Streten, finally made his return on March 20th, releasing a 42-minute mixtape titled, “Hi This is Flume,” which is accompanied by an eloquent visual directed by Streten’s very own friend and collaborator, Jonathan Zawada. Comment and share your favourite lyrics. The “Hi This is Flume” project is literally and figuratively groundbreaking, and just goes to show the creative and epic artist that is Flume. The project took off in ways he could have never anticipated, with its fair share of growing pains. On 19 March 2019, Flume announced the release of new music on his Twitter page. A decision influenced by the pressures of an album as well as his inclination for experimentation, Hi, this is Flume poses the question of fluidity in terms of what exactly an album is supposed to represent in the current music scene. However, the burden of that success proved to be more difficult than on the surface, as Flume detailed in a new interview with GQ Australia. Once again, he has exceeded all expectations and given his fans hope for another tour. On 28 November 2017, Flume was a presenter at the ARIA Music Awards of 2017. 2019–present: Hi This Is Flume. Flume helped Lorde produce the track "The Louvre" in the New Zealander's second album. Flume also revealed his motivation behind not only the choice of releasing a mixtape, but also the naming of it. Flume Talks Hidden Meaning Behind ‘Hi, This Is Flume’ & Pressures of Success Karlie Powell | November 29, 2019 Flume opens up about his new mixtape and the pressures of success in a new interview with GQ Australia.

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