Tackle Tom's - 304 N Main St, Cascade, Idaho 83611 - Rated 4.9 based on 167 Reviews "Tackle Tom’s is a very informative tackle shop in Cascade and very... Jump to. Two words: Lake Cascade. Our guides will reciprocate to give you a successful outing in every aspect. 644 likes. Winter is in full swing across southwest Idaho, and the snowy conditions might make traveling and fishing tricky for a while. Looking for an adventure with some of your die-hard ice fishin’ buds? The number of Perch Fisherman have slowed down a little but the number of Perch being caught is still strong. Lake Cascade (Perch, Trout) ... Jordan Rodriguez has been fishing Idaho waters since he was a teen. Sections of this page. Tourist Information Center. If you do venture out, be sure to stay safe and exercise extra caution on the roads, near the water and on the ice. Perch fishing was obviously a snap, and I was clearly a terrific perch angler. Winter is months away, but a new state record perch, the buzz around Lake Cascade’s rogue walleye and an upcoming class have ice fishing on the brain for columnist Jordan Rodriguez. By Thomas ... what’s perhaps the finest BIG perch fishing west of Devils Lake, ND. We welcome individuals, family, and groups to experience the thrill of backcountry fishing and fly fishing with Deadwood Outfitters fishing guides. Fully licensed, insured, and bonded guide service. Check back for frequent reports on ice and access conditions as they change on Lake Cascade for the remainder of February. Southern Idaho Fishing Excursions. Ice fishing on Lake Cascade has been added to many anglers’ bucket list in recent years. ... Lake Cascade Recreation Area & Cascade Chamber of Commerce. Description: Now booking ice fishing trips on Lake Cascade for perch and trout. While most northern folks travel south to warmer climes during the winter months, Luke Hentges traveled west. Share your fish stories, adventures, tips and tricks with him at tightlinesboise@gmail.com. An angler fishing for smallmouth bass and perch on Lake Cascade near Crown Point earlier this week instead reeled in an adult walleye, measuring more than 19 inches in length. For those willing to brave wintry conditions, trophy perch fishing has been picking up at Lake Cascade. When a visiting relative wanted to sample Idaho's fabled fishing a month later, I assured her we could easily load up on perch at Cascade that weekend. Idaho Fishing Guides. Cascade Lake fishing is perfect for the avid angler, as fishing season lasts year round in this scenic reservoir. We had a couple of fishermen come in yesterday that were getting out on Snow Mobiles, a few inches of slush, but the ice is still good with approx 12″ according to the latest report about 6 hours ago. You’ve probably seen pics of the ridiculous [!] A trip from NE Iowa to get a glimpse of the World Class Perch Fishing on Lake Cascade in Idaho. Cascade Fishing Adventures’ guides set the standard because they are keen, self motivated individuals that fully understand the commitment you made to get here. Hello..Update from Lake Cascade in Idaho. A trip from NE Iowa to get a glimpse of the World Class Perch Fishing on Lake Cascade in Idaho.

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